Saturday, November 2, 2013

Entry 9 (End / Phoenix Chapter 1)

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[This concludes Chapter One of Phoenix: The Time Keeper.  I hope you have all enjoyed reading it. Next time I post I plan to post a little bit from another novel I'm working on.]
I knew I wanted to comfort her and take away her annoyance.  It was something I was the best at.  My hands were like magic, or so she’d told me.
      My partner tapped his knuckle upon the window next to me and I looked up before reaching down to the knob, watching the glass as it vanished between the metal.
      “What d’ya say we get outta here and get a cold one?”  He asked, and I could only nod.
      I heard the door slam and the engine rev.  I felt the movement of the car, but at first my mind wouldn’t leave Garnet.  I thought of her lying there on the pavement in her own blood.  I felt sick to my stomach.