Thursday, April 18, 2013

Entry 2

Since you all loved last weeks post, I thought I'd continue the story this week with another 8 sentences. Enjoy.

Previous Installments:


“My sweet Garnet, who has done this to you?”  I rubbed my right eye with my gloved fist.
      She couldn’t answer me, for her lips were sealed like glue.  I pulled my black leather glove from my left hand and I reached for a pulse that I knew I wouldn’t find.  Her skin was cold, and I could still smell the scent of her Jasmine perfume.
      I stood and turned away from her beautiful hour glass form.  I could take no more; I heaved, and from my mouth came a waterfall of bile and my last cup of coffee.  I wiped the bile from my lips, shaking the goo to the ground in frustration of my weak stomach.  


Come back next Sunday for another 8 sentences!


  1. Always so powerful in the descriptions! Another excellent excerpt...

  2. Wow. Very intriguing. Nice job.

  3. Yikes, a waterfall of bile! Well, you've certainly nailed the imagery!