Sunday, April 28, 2013

Entry 3 - Pheonix: The Time Keeper


Missed Weekend Writing Warriors, but I didn't miss Snippet Sunday!

So I feel like it's time that I tell you what this story is called.  So far, it's incomplete, but if you continue to comment, perhaps I will become inspired to write more.

Previous Installments:
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Title: Pheonix: The Time Keeper


WARNING: Before you continue on, you must know that this section is rated R for vulgar language.  You have been forewarned.


I turned back to my lost love, my marble tinted beauty.  She was changed, a piece of art in every sense of the word.  I leaned down and turned over her left palm, fearing the worst.  I didn’t want to see that familiar clock shaped brand: the mark of the Time Keeper.  Who gave him the right to choose when it was time for someone to die?
      I knew then that I had to find this son of a bitch.  I had to end the battle between right and wrong, the battle between being a god and being a man.  He fucked with the wrong lady, my lady.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Entry 2

Since you all loved last weeks post, I thought I'd continue the story this week with another 8 sentences. Enjoy.

Previous Installments:


“My sweet Garnet, who has done this to you?”  I rubbed my right eye with my gloved fist.
      She couldn’t answer me, for her lips were sealed like glue.  I pulled my black leather glove from my left hand and I reached for a pulse that I knew I wouldn’t find.  Her skin was cold, and I could still smell the scent of her Jasmine perfume.
      I stood and turned away from her beautiful hour glass form.  I could take no more; I heaved, and from my mouth came a waterfall of bile and my last cup of coffee.  I wiped the bile from my lips, shaking the goo to the ground in frustration of my weak stomach.  


Come back next Sunday for another 8 sentences!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Entry 1

Weekend Writing Warriors

      There she was, my lovely Garnet.  Her hair sparkled like the jewel of her name; it was dyed to match.  Her lips bled rivers of red, so beautiful I wanted to kiss them just once more.  It was hard to believe she was there before me with a smile upon her voluptuous lips.  Her already pale skin was becoming paler, like a ghost, but tinted a lighter shade of slate blue.
      As I crouched above her, the sun caught the glimmer upon the cracked pavement throwing red within my eyes that burned like acid.  The wind blew my dark bangs across my face, poking my right eye.  It stung like the sting of a scorpion.