Saturday, November 2, 2013

Entry 9 (End / Phoenix Chapter 1)

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[This concludes Chapter One of Phoenix: The Time Keeper.  I hope you have all enjoyed reading it. Next time I post I plan to post a little bit from another novel I'm working on.]
I knew I wanted to comfort her and take away her annoyance.  It was something I was the best at.  My hands were like magic, or so she’d told me.
      My partner tapped his knuckle upon the window next to me and I looked up before reaching down to the knob, watching the glass as it vanished between the metal.
      “What d’ya say we get outta here and get a cold one?”  He asked, and I could only nod.
      I heard the door slam and the engine rev.  I felt the movement of the car, but at first my mind wouldn’t leave Garnet.  I thought of her lying there on the pavement in her own blood.  I felt sick to my stomach.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Entry 8

     Hey readers! Before we get into the long awaited update to Phoenix: The Time Keeper, lets begin with a little introduction that includes why I've been so late with the updating.  Okay, I guess it's kind of an excuse...but I don't care.  I've been dealing with a lot of stress.  It starts with homelessness, going to college, and family issues.  Things have been insane lately.  
     For the past year I've been homeless, jumping from friend to friend and finally at my worst living in my truck for 3 months.  I wont get into details but I've seen some pretty insane crap around me since I was homeless.  Some of that stuff I don't know if I'll ever recover from.  I can give you one example that's probably just more of an anxiety causer: 
     I was sleeping in my moms truck one night and at 12am I heard a weird sound against the window as if someone where pulling a cats tail or lighting it on fire. It turns out the branch of this humongous tree, and this branch was about1/3rd the same size of the tree, was on it's way down on top of the truck.  It took me a couple of minutes before the sound really freaked me out and I climbed out of the truck.  30 seconds later the branch came down shattering out one of the back windows where I had been laying.  As a result I have troubles sleeping.  I continuously see that evil branch coming down.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think that experience might have given me post traumatic stress disorder.
     Moving probably none of you knew until this very moment, I am a college student.  At 27 it seems pretty insane to be chasing an English Degree in Creative Writing.  I've been at this college since Fall of 2011. This semester I'm getting ready to apply for transfer. It's been taking a lot out of me, I can't seem to focus.
     Focus. I've been under a lot of financial and emotional stress.  This of course has to do with issues with my dad.  It's got me so irritated and upset some days that I just get lost in something fun instead of getting work done. So why didn't I come back to write?
     Well in addition to being a writer, I do lots of other things believe it or not.  I'm an avid reader, Wizard of MTG and an amazing artist.  I like to make things with my hands constantly. It makes me feel very accomplished.
     Well, now that you probably already left, finding me quite boring...oh you're still here?  Then proceed onto the story update below.  Thanks for baring with me.  Enjoy the update.

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      I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that I’d never again be beneath those sheets, holding her warm body and drawing lines with my fingertips across the tattoo on her back of a viper, a simple black and white.  What was it that she said to me before we made love for the last time?  Why couldn’t I remember something so simple?  Something about…drat. I couldn’t remember.  I could remember every tone of her voice, but not the syllables her lips formed.
      When I got to her apartment she was all riled up.  Ranting and raving about something, I can’t remember.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Entry 7

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I reached into the glove compartment and found a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.  I wasn’t a smoker, but I thought “What the hell.”  I lit up a stick and pushed it between my lips taking a long drag.  I coughed as my virgin lungs rejected the smoke.
      Though I knew Garnet was gone, my mind kept reeling over the night before.  Her silky violet sheets and our bodies pressed between them.  The heat between us made my mouth water.  I could remember her breath against my sweaty chest, all warm and peaceful as she slept.


Sorry it's been a few weeks since I've done an update. I just wasn't feeling it.  I've just been trying to relax a lot this summer. I guess that last semester burnt me out more than I thought. I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of things.  I got a few books I need to read this summer to get ahead on my fall literature reading.  So far, I've completed 0 reads, but almost completed 1...that being the Scarlet Letter. I wish we were reading more Noir.  I feel I could use more exposure to help me continue with this story.  Hope you like the update!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Feeling depressed this weekend, so I think I'm going to skip this weeks snippet. Come back next week and I will have posted a new one, assuming things go as planned.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Entry 6

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My hands slipped deep into my orange trench coat pockets.  They felt warm as a gust of cool air wafted the breeze about me.  My coat flopped in the wind like the leaves of the autumn trees just down the road in planted rows along the sidewalk.  The air smelled damp with a metallic copper blend; it felt chilled, but I didn’t shiver.
      "I'm afraid you'll have to let me handle this one this time Phoenix, you know what Reinerred would say."  He put his arm about my shoulders and guided me toward his Cherry red Cadillac Eldorado.  I didn’t fight him as I opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat.  I watched as he strode toward the body and I could hear the sirens blaring as a cop car came out from the alleyway. 

Authors Note: I enjoy all the wonderful feedback you all have been giving me each week. It has inspired me to continue this story.  I will keep working on it as long as you keep giving me feedback.  It's just a rough-draft and not the complete version of course, but I hope you wont mind following along as I write it.  I will fix up the errors at a later time.  If anything is confusing, or doesn't seem to fit through these snippets, please let me know so I can fix it at a later date.  Conflicts are inevitably going to occur as I write this.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Entry 5

Phoenix: The Time Keeper
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He was a dark fellow in an amethyst tie; his eyes were almost as black as the night.  Across his chin was a deep scar he’d gotten from fighting against a drug dealer named Dorango. 
      He was a kind fellow always trying to watch my back, I hated that.  It wasn't that he wasn't a good partner; I just preferred to work alone.  Now he was telling me to drop this case, to just walk away from my red haired beloved surrounded in a pool of her own red wine.
      "You know I’ve been after The Time Keeper since he took out that blonde hooker, what was her name again? Charlotte Chastity I think."  I said as I stood, spitting up some remaining bile. 

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